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Information regarding the terminal building at Alicante Airport

Alicante airport or Alicante-Elche airport has one main passenger terminal operative known as “The New Terminal” or “NAT”. At the airport there are two more terminals (T1 and T2) but these are currently closed.

The airport manages international and domestic flights. Most of the passengers arriving at Alicante airport are from UK, Germany, Netherlands and Norway as well as national tourism from Spain. The tourism has increased during the last years and now exceeds the 10.5 million passengers annually.

Alicante airport is the sixth busiest airport in Spain in terms of passenger traffic and it is ranked between the 50 busiest ones in Europe.

Terminal NAT - New Terminal Área (Nueva Área Terminal)

The terminal has a total of 26 gates named:
Gates B: from B21 to B23, from B25 to B27, from B29 to B35.
Gates C: from C37 to C43 and from C45 to C50.

The terminal building is provided with 96 check-in desks, 16 baggage reclaim carousels and 15 airbridges.

In total, the terminal building has 4 floors: P-2, P0, P2 and P3.
- Level P-2: Ground Transportation (Buses, Shuttles, Private Transportation), Meeting Point for Passengers with Special Needs.
- Level P0: Arrivals from national and international flights. Ground Transportation access, Meeting Point for Passengers with Special Needs, Guardia Civil (Police), Rental Car Desks.
- Level P2: Departures. Check-in Desks, and kiosks auto check-in from Iberia.
- Level P3: VIP Lounges and Meeting/Conference Rooms.

Just in front of the terminal there is the the Parking P1 where some car rental agencies operate.